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My astrology sign is Blanche from Golden Girls.

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Mars and Venus are opposing one another early on this week as Mars slows down to shift retrograde in Aquarius on Tuesday, June 26, which is having you really dial in on what you want and search for next steps that are best for your breakthrough. The key this week is to trust that all you need to do in order to know what comes next is to ask. You will know the truth when you hear it. The answer may not please everyone but for you Sag, the truth will always be enough because the truth always leads to the right reality. You heal yourself when you follow the most natural path before you. Your body will tell you exactly which one it is! While your ruler Saturn in your sign is retrograding back to from a life changing trine to Uranus in fellow earth sign Taurus, you too are preparing for the change that you know is sure to come. Saturn will ensure that it is the kind of change that will lead to liberation yet change that will also secure you in the long run. Venus and Mars oppose one another early on this week which creates social havoc or confrontations with loved ones.

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